About Us

img_5301We’re New Yorkers, and we’re Perugians. We’re a journalist and an educator, parents of splendid young women, and adventurers. We’re American, Italian, and  Greek, and we live in Italy part-time. Umbria is a small central region in Italy adjacent to its famous neighbor Toscana (or Tuscany, if you must). As part-time—for now—Umbrians, we’re duty bound to sneer a little at our famous neighbor, though truth be told, we’re pretty much alike. Tuscany’s just a lot more manicured, is host to lots of Brits (but for how long?) and has Florence, a city that’s both beautiful and overrun by tourists and just a tad cynical because of it. This blog is about what we do, how we do it, and contains random thoughts for the hell of it. Expect to see a lot about food, people’s lives, and travel, mostly in Italy and to other European destinations such as Greece, France, and Spain. 

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